About our Site Partners (TIN)


About Our Site Partners

The Tech Innovation Network (TIN) is a partnership between the NMHIC and various community, clinical and technology partners. A partnership with the Network involves a comprehensive approach to mental health innovation by utilizing new technology to increase patient access, improve overall treatment, and support employee wellness. The TIN consists of a diverse range of sites including community mental health centers, inpatient hospitals, Department of Corrections, universities and many more. Currently, the TIN has close to 50 partnerships in their beginning stages in Colorado and beyond. With a strong base in our home state, there are exciting possibilities for the nationwide expansion of our network. As a first step in integrating new technology into their treatment strategy, the majority of site partners are using Virtual Reality mindfulness content for staff wellness. This provides an important mental health resource for the staff, while allowing the site to familiarize itself with the technology, resulting in a more informed application to its treatment programs. Already, a handful of our sites have begun using the content in young adult treatment programs and groups for anxious college students, as well as acute treatment and crisis units. Sites in the TIN are working with our tech partners to beta test assessment tools, voice analytics screening tools, life skills training platforms, and exposure therapy content. The variety of tools available from our tech partners greatly increase their ability to provide sophisticated, wide-ranging mental health support. Partnerships between technology groups, healthcare providers and the experts at the NMHIC aim to inform the development of new tech-based solutions for mental health challenges by directly implementing our tech partners’ products and gathering, analyzing and reporting the expert feedback provided by our site partners.