What We Do

The National Mental Health Innovation Center looks beyond our current mental healthcare system – to find bold new solutions that can be quickly and effectively scaled to help more people, earlier.

That’s our purpose, even our calling. With an estimated one in five Americans struggling with mental illness or substance abuse every year, we can’t settle for less than real innovation. Especially when 80% of those with illness don’t get the care they need.

Our workplaces, schools and communities can’t be at their best when a significant percentage of people lack mental wellness. So, we are forging partnerships with unexpected people in unexpected places to tackle this. Together we find, develop and test these emerging evidence-based solutions to bring them to scale. What we can’t find, we’ll create.

Today, our core areas of work fall in to two main categories: technology and real-life settings.

We are finding that use of digital technology has the power to improve mental health outcomes and smash barriers to care. And we are working with community partners in real-life settings because we believe it takes healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to equip people with skills for good mental health. Check out our Projects to see tangible efforts in these areas.

What do we do? We create the future of mental health.