Tech Innovation Network

The Tech Innovation Network (TIN) is a first-of-its-kind national, formalized network of diverse clinical and community partners that functions as a test bed through which new technological solutions can be rapidly developed, iterated, tested and validated. We aim to help clinics and centers navigate the digital landscape, not only vetting new tools for them but inviting mental health professions to participate in the development of the new tools – to better meet the expressed need of communities.

TIN Partnerships:

The TIN is proud to be developing partnerships with over 50 sites nationally, with a broad spectrum of community mental health concentrations such as outpatient care, primary care and palliative care providers, workforce training groups, correctional departments and first responder organizations among others. The TIN works to provide these sites with mental health solutions developed by its wide range of tech partners, from emerging innovators to some of the worlds foremost technology groups. The TIN aims to improve access, quality and efficacy of mental health care by implementing, developing and advancing tech-based solutions for today’s mental health challenges.

Tech Partners:


Site Partners:

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